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Do you want to remove your old truck because you are sick of looking at it in your backyard? Do you want to remove it from your home as it occupies valuable space you can use for other purposes? So, you need to contact truck wreckers NZ, because they are responsible for disassembling the vehicles and contributing to reliable and environmentally conscious disposal in the future.

As people gain more awareness ,surely they demand responsible disposal for the vehicles for which they need the best wreckers in New Zealand. Also, there is a notable increase in the demand for reliable removal of cars that don't affect the environment.

So, if you have an old or scrap truck and want to replace it with cash or want responsible disposal of your damaged truck, then contact Auckland Car Wreckers today and get environmentally friendly removal for your old truck.

Want responsible disposal for your scrap truck? Contact Truck Wreckers NZ and enjoy our quick services!

Free Removal with Truck wrecekers NZ

Generally, Truck Wreckers NZ provides free removal services for any vehicle, no matter if it is a small car or a heavy truck. Also, we offer top dollar for it and give you free removal service for your old or unwanted truck. So, if you get frustrated by your unwanted or old truck and want to remove it from your garage, then contact us today and get a free removal service without paying a single penny.

Transform Your Scrap Truck Into Cash

In brief, if you have a scrap or damaged truck and want to replace it with top cash, then Truck Wreckers NZ is here to make you stress-free. Because we designed a quick and hassle-free process for saving money on your old truck; so you need to contact us and give us your truck's details. After taking your truck’s components, we pay you instant cash for them based on your truck’s condition and market value.

We buy scrap or junk trucks

Truck wreckers NZ that are associated with Auckland truck wreckers buy all makes and models of trucks. However, no matter what the condition of your truck is, whether it is running or not, scrap or junk, we still buy it from you and pay you instant cash for your scrap or junk trucks. We are the trustworthy solution for your hectic problem of selling scrap trucks. Hence, truck Wreckers NZ is the best option when it comes to selling your scrap or junk truck at fair and competitive rates. So, contact us today at 0800 110 369 and get paid for your scrap truck.

Buy Second-hand parts

Are you looking for high-quality second-hand truck parts? Then, don’t look further; choose Auckland Truck Wreckers to buy the best and most unique second-hand truck parts. Although, we sell it at affordable prices, so you can easily purchase and renew your vehicle.

Top Cash for Damaged Trucks

So, if you get frustrated by seeing your old truck in the garage or have a truck that needs to be fixed and you want to replace it with cash, then Truck Wreckers NZ is the best option to choose. When you contact us, we will reach you as soon as possible and pay you instant cash for your damaged or old truck.

You can get paid in just a few steps.

  1. First, contact Truck Wreckers NZ by filling out the form on our website or calling us on 0800 110 369.
  2. Second, give details about your truck model and condition and get a free quote.
  3. Next, schedule a convenient time for the pickup of your damaged truck.
  4. At last, get instant cash for your old truck on the spot based on its condition and the market value.
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How to Choose the Right Truck Wreckers

Selecting the truck wrecker is crucial for the recycling and dismantling processes. So, whenever you are going to opt for a truck wrecker, make sure that you remember these points:

Remove truck with truck wreckers NZ

License Certificate

First, make sure that truck wreckers have a reliable and legal license and the necessary certifications. Also, they have legal authority to disassemble and dispose of the trucks. So, this will help you decide on the right option to choose for the final wrecking process.

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Reputation and Reviews

Before finalizing any truck wrecker's services, you must check the customer’s reviews on their website, which can easily show their reputation.

Truck wrecker NZ

Online Presence

After all, reliable and reputable truck wreckers have a well-maintained website and social media profiles. Hence, it shows that they have the potential to engage their customers and inform them frequently about their services.

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Customer Service

Generally, reputable truck wreckers always respond to their customers quickly and effectively. Also, they are dedicated to providing information about their services for every query.

Truck Wreckers NZ offers incredible services

Generally, Truck Wreckers NZ offered a wide range of services that not only played a part in creating a reliable and sustainable environment but also provided usable and spare parts at affordable prices to truck owners. Also, by recycling and reusing materials from old or damaged trucks, they reduce the demand for producing new materials. Also, they disposed of the hazardous fluids, including brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, and many other harmful substances, in a friendly environment.

Below are the primary services offered by the truck wreckers:

  1. First, recycling and reusing truck parts reduces the demand for manufacturing new ones.
  2. Second, dispose of the dangerous fluids in a friendly environment.
  3. Next, pay instant cash for old or scrap trucks.
  4. At last, sell unique and used truck parts at affordable prices.
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Benefits of Choosing Truck Wreckers NZ

Remove truck with truck wreckers NZ

Environment-friendly process

Generally, Truck wreckers in New Zealand prioritize the recycling and reusing process and disposing of hazardous fluids in a friendly environment. Also, we take all responsibility for disposing and dismantling the truck properly.

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Used Truck Parts at Affordable Prices

In fact, we have a wide range of usable truck parts at affordable prices. Meanwhile, if you want to renew your old truck rather than sell it, contact us and get functional truck parts at cheap prices.

Truck wrecker NZ

Free Pickup Service

Generally,Truck wreckers in New Zealand provide a free pickup service for any location and any vehicle. So, if you don’t have time to bring your truck for service, then call us at 0800 110 369 and get a free pickup service.

Get removal with Truck wreckers NZ

Quick and hassle-free process

If you want to get rid of your old truck and enjoy a quick and easy process, then contact Truck Wreckers NZ today, because we have designed a fast and hassle-free process for dismantling your vehicle in a friendly environment.

truck wreckers NZ will dispose your car eco-friendly

Instant cash

Everyone wants to get instant cash when it comes to selling old or damaged trucks. If you want the same, then Truck Wreckers NZ is the best option, because we pay you instant cash for your old and broken truck.

Truck wreckers NZ can remove your truck


Undoubtedly, truck wreckers NZ have a professional team that takes full responsibility for recycling and disposing of the material in a friendly environment.

Want to sell junk or scrap trucks at the best rates? Contact us today and get a free quote!

Truck Wreckers NZ vs. Truck Wreckers Auckland

Comparatively, the variation between the truck wreckers in New Zealand and Auckland lies in their scope and geographical participation.

Truck Wreckers NZ

  • National Coverage

Truck Wreckers NZ offers their services in a wide range of regions and all over the country, also not limited to any city or area.

  • Extensive Network

Additionally, they provide their services through an extensive network, which means they do not offer services specifically in any city or region. Still, everyone can benefit if they are in New Zealand.

  • Wide range of Services

Also, Truck Wreckers NZ offer different ranges of services according to their customers’ needs in other regions and towns.

Dismantle your truck with truck wreckers NZ

Truck Wreckers Auckland

  • Geographical Focus

Truck Wreckers Auckland, just like their name suggests, offers their services, including recycling, reusing, and disposing of fluids, covering this immediate process in Auckland only.

  • Local Expertise

Further, Auckland truck wreckers offer their expertise and have an in-depth understanding of the local market, environmental control, and also basic needs of customers in the Auckland area only.

  • Quick Approach

So, if you are situated in the Auckland area, then choosing Truck Wreckers Auckland is best for you because they have a quick and hassle-free process. Also, it will be helpful for those who are looking for removal services on an urgent basis.

Truck wreckers NZ can wreck your truck

Truck Wrecker Service Areas

In detail, Truck Wreckers NZ has a wide range of service areas where we provide our quick wrecking services. Below is a list of some places where you can quickly get our assistance with just one call:

  • Truck wreckers Hamilton
  • Truck wreckers Waikato
  • Truck wreckers West Auckland
  • Truck wreckers Albany
  • Truck wreckers South Auckland
  • Truck wreckers Onehunga
  • Truck wreckers Manukau
  • Truck wreckers North Shore
  • Truck wreckers Papakura

Wrecking & Dismantling for All Trucks

Truck wreckers NZ buy all types of trucks, no matter what the model or condition. Further, they have the best rates in the market. Below is the list of trucks that we have frequently bought. So, if you want to sell any other truck that is not mentioned, don’t worry; we will buy it as well.

  • Freightliner truck
  • Fuso truck
  • Hino truck
  • Kenworth truck
  • Mazda truck
  • Mercedes truck
  • Nissan truck
  • Scania truck
  • Volvo truck

Process of Truck Wrecking



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Initial Evaluation

Generally, the truck wrecking process begins with the evaluation of your truck, which includes its model and condition, and determining the usable and unusable parts for the recycling process.

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Removal of hazardous materials

Furthermore, truck wreckers ensure that all the harmful substances and fluids, like brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluids, and coolant, are appropriately drained in a safe and friendly environment.

having cash for cars while towing

Removal of usable parts

Additionally, they remove all the valuable parts from the truck that are in good condition for the recycling process. Also, it may include engines, transmissions, and other valuable features.

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Recycling of Materials

Moreover, materials such as metals, rubber, and plastics are dispatched for the recycling process. Moreover, this process helps reduce environmental impacts by decreasing the need for new materials.

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Final Disposal

After doing all the dismantling, truck wreckers dispose of the remaining materials that can’t be recycled or reused in a friendly environment.

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Before breaking down the truck systematically, take aside the valuable parts for recycling and disposal.

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Sell reusable parts

After recycling the usable parts, truck wreckers sell them to truck owners, repair shops, or businesses when they need affordable, functional pieces.

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“Well-mannered and very polite. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of their clapped-out car.”

“Well-mannered and very polite. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of their clapped-out car.”

“Well-mannered and very polite. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of their clapped-out car.”

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You can buy it from Auckland car wreckers; we have a wide range of used parts for any vehicle at affordable prices.

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