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Do you hunt for a car parts seller ever since your vehicle has seen your garage for a long time and become unable to be roadworthy?

But you have kept it because you have a concept that there is no worth of this car. There is a saying that "Only a jeweller knows how to assay a diamond." The same goes for the wreckers who know well the worth of your damaged car based on their expertise and experience. how bad the condition of your vehicle is but it is not equivalent to zero.

Auckland car wreckers are here with the squad of their specialized and certified team. Your damaged vehicle will be precious to us because no matter what happened to your vehicle, we focus on the dismantling process as compared to disposing of in landfills to your vehicle.

Car parts in Auckland

Used parts for trucks in Auckland

Despite car parts, we car parts sellers have first-class and authentic auto parts for trucks at a cheap price. With our truck parts, your truck will be on the road as soon as possible. For truck manufacturers, we have major parts for trucks such as gearboxes, drive trains, hydraulic brakes, truck seats etc. All truck parts have passed from testament by our experts after that they are added to the checklist. If you want to start riding quickly, then buy quality truck parts at an affordable price.

Auto parts in an extensive range in Auckland

Has your vehicle got damaged and crushed some parts of the car? Your mind goes with this thought of you would have to buy a new vehicle after a few months and it hurts you the most with the view of the price even your dream vehicle being completely lost.

No, your vehicle just needs some repairs. but repairing requires some top-class or valuable auto parts which are difficult to find as it is until your approach will be auto parts sellers.

As far as car parts sellers are concerned, then you should have to be completely free from the auto parts of the vehicle. Whenever the vehicle condition depends on the auto parts. you start hunting trusted and experienced car parts sellers. Then, Auckland car wreckers will appear in Auckland from where you can buy any type of auto components whatever you require. You don’t need to worry about the amount because we keep new and used parts at a competitive amount.

Almost every type of vehicle component is accessible on our checklist including engines, radiations, batteries, window glass, metal body, automatic or manual transmissions, Hood, tire and wheels etc.

Across New Zealand, used auto parts for shipment:

Except for selling auto parts, shipping in the entirety of Auckland is another service that we refer to. We have used auto parts in a cost-effective amount. So if you can not appear in our yard then we ship the replacement parts that you need. We take care of where you live if the location is Auckland. So, our car parts seller is never late. As you ask for, we are there with your property.

However, we charge shipping in a reasonable amount. During shipment, the price of being shipped depends on how many parts you buy or how much weight it is. We take it accordingly.

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Don’t let damaged vehicles sit in a garage just for repairing parts, now call at 0800 110 396.

Car parts sellers have all popular brands of car parts to sell

Fortunately, now our auckland yard is not just full of used auto parts but they are available in popular brands. Rush to get them at the earliest which your car needs. We welcome you to sell used parts with high quality at an affordable price which is quite enough to meet your satisfaction or assurance.

Some of the brand's parts are available in a huge range below:

Toyota used car parts in Auckland:

If you may be in search of used auto parts for a common brand Toyota. In any Toyota model such as Corolla, Hilux, Hiace etc., the quality of the auto parts is inevitable auto parts sellers have. Get off the old and damaged auto parts and get the used ones with a guarantee. It entails us using the best quality parts. You can come to our yard in Auckland or you can consider our shipping service with charges. Your car will get repaired as soon as you use our Toyota auto parts. Nothing happens without screaming, call 0800 110 396

Toyota car parts
Mazda car parts

Mazda parts in Auckland

For the replacement of the Mazda parts, you must contact us because we provide top-class quality at a cheap price. Our checklist of Mazda is huge and can provide any type of Mazda auto parts to you. Take quick action to get this straight away.

Nissan parts in Auckland

We offer

 for your damaged Nissan vehicle. If you are hunting for Nissan parts in different models don’t look further. Because we keep all parts of the Nissan model such as the Maxima, pulsar as well as Nissan’s vans, trucks and utes. In short, to get a free quote, you have to make a call.

Nissan car parts
4WDs car parts

4WDs used parts in Auckland

Search for the 4WDs used parts. buy them from the Auckland car wreckers at an inexpensive price. We have a wide range of 4WD parts on our list for selling and also brands are Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai etc., examine your vehicle and what parts are needed for replacement. After that, don’t forget to go over our services or best prices.

Call now and buy auto parts for us as soon as possible

Why do car parts sellers buy your damaged vehicles?

Car parts sellers buy these types of damaged vehicles so that we can dismantle your vehicle that turns into valuable vehicle components and prevent the environment from being disastrous. The parts are what we get:

get removal with cash for cars Christchurch

Metal Body

The body of the car is made of steel, iron or other metals, these metals are used in manufacturing new and other products that help to decrease the resource burden on the mine from where steel and other metals draw out constantly from the ore after a thorough process. But if we have metal then less effort will be used in extracting metals.

having cash for cars while towing

Tyres and wheels

Disposing of the vehicle in a landfill or standing in a garage can change the shape of the tires and wheels. Its hollow and round shape is ruined badly. Unfortunately, it starts accumulating some dangerous gasses like methane etc and adds in air. Sometimes burning tires also participates in creating air pollution that causes respiratory infections. Tires and wheels are recyclables and can be used as valuable car parts. That’s because it‘s good to contact car parts sellers to sell damages so that they can utilize their valuable parts.

having cash for cars while towing

Fluids in the vehicle

Vehicle fluids or oils will play a big role in spreading water pollution in our polluted-free environment. That’s why it affects aquatic life. if we discard in landfills even after we face big contamination in the soil. The better option is to sell to car parts sellers. At least, they have the ability to know what to do with it and how to remove it from the vehicle.

get removal with cash for cars Christchurch

Rest of the parts

The remaining car parts are used for secondary purposes like seats, seat covers, plastic bodies, and other inner parts of the car.

get removal with cash for cars Christchurch

Lead-sulphur batteries

Recycling batteries can prevent pollution because lead sulphur batteries contain dangerous chemicals, as they will be disposed of in landfills, they combine with the soil and meet with the underground water and make the ground full of contamination. It causes kidney and brain problems when it is consumed in any form. While it is also used for other purposes.

Why choose car parts sellers for used parts?

We at Auckland Car Wreckers are car parts sellers who have decades of experience in this car wrecking business. We have suffered different types of damaged vehicles which are the reason people come up and buy the vehicle parts as per their needs, some glimpses of our service benefits are given below. Let me tell you what they are

  • Top-class quality car components 
  • Affordable price 
  • Licensed and Trusted Professionals with decades of experience.
  • There is no comparison between our competitors because we are on the top. 
  • Good at prompt response or 24/7 availability
  •  Selling auto parts with cash combined with guaranteed quality.  
  • Provide Tire King facility that makes us different from others 
  • The helpful and attentive team 
  • Reliable local service
Spare car parts for selling

Get repaired your car with first-class used auto parts,Just call us

“Well-mannered and very polite. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of their clapped-out car.”

“Well-mannered and very polite. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of their clapped-out car.”

“Well-mannered and very polite. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of their clapped-out car.”

Questions? Look Here.

To get the car parts. All you have to do is to make a call at 0800 110 396 or to enter the details in an online form. After that, surely, you will get a prompt response towards the car parts seller or dealer. Frequently, you are ready to buy car parts that suit your vehicle and model at a reasonable amount or with relief because our customer gratification is a strength for us. We take care of that.

If you have any damaged or broken vehicles, don’t hesitate to sell them to us because they still get paid along with their valuable parts. Every vehicle has parts that are worth using in some other runnable vehicles or for other purposes. Considering the vehicle’s condition and recyclability, Auckland car wreckers will pay you for that.