Resolving few doubts to scrap my car

Think about it. If you have a rusted car that may take a lot of money to repair, then you decided that I should scrap my car. You are thinking right now. If a person has an old car that requires a large budget or is not able to use it again. Scraping your car is the right option. You can receive cash in return, regardless of your car’s condition. If you have a rusted car and you think that it is no longer in your possession. You can contact a professional car scrapping company to handle it and recycle it.

But when you start thinking of scrapping my car. Many doubts may come into your mind. These doubts may include whether you need to provide any personal information. What information do you have to provide, and much more? If you have any such doubts, then you are in the right place. This is a common scenario. If a person decides to scrap my car, they have to struggle with many doubts, which we tried to resolve below.

Let’s stay there and get your doubts resolved below about some of the questions that may come into your mind. If you are ready to say that I should scrap my car now. Why is personal information important when I have to scrap my car? We live in an era where every being has an identity Which is the most important thing to do when it comes to any deal that involves legal enforcement. When you provide documentation. And when you think about scrapping my car, then there is an act that passed in 2013 named the Scrap Metal Dealers Act.

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What is the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013?

There are two parts of the Act that have to do with the current situation:

A person can’t give scrap metal to a scrap metal dealer without first checking the person’s full name and address.

You must do this by looking at documents, data, or other material from a reliable and independent source if you want to scrap my car. In plain English, this means that every dealer in scrap cars needs to see a photo ID. So that you can show you are who you say you are and have a link to the car that can be checked.

That means you should probably have your driver’s licence and your V5C with you. This last one is also called your vehicle’s logbook or registration paperwork. All of these names refer to the same thing. Of course, you don’t have to worry too much if you’ve lost your V5C. (We can still scrap your car as long as you can show you’re the registered keeper.

What documents should I provide when I have to scrap my car?

Before you decide that I should have to scrap my car now. It is important to acknowledge that there is a process where you should provide documents to start the process of car scrapping. Which is mentioned below.


The first step before deciding to scrap my car is to deregister your car. For this, you have to fill out the MR15 form at the nearest office of VTNZ or VINZ (Vehicle Testing or Vehicle Inspection New Zealand). You can deregister your car only through the verified registry.

You need an ID for verification

As you have to provide your ID while registering your car, it is also important to provide documents and an ID for proof while registering your car. These documents include your birth certificate, picture, and signature.

Thinking of that, I must scrap my car. Take a look below to find out what documentation you should have had while you went to the registrar for car deregistration.

  1. A New Zealand driver’s card with a valid picture or one that has expired within the past two years is a mandatory requirement.
  2. New Zealand issues temporary driver’s licenses that are valid for up to 21 days from the date of issuance. But some temporary licences aren’t a good enough way to prove who you are.
  3. A driver’s card with a photo from another country.
  4. Sign with your Eftpos or credit card and your birth certificate.
  5. A card from New Zealand or another country.

You must turn in the number plate for regulation

When you decide to deregister your car, you have to give the number plate to a person who is authorised to do so. When you turn in the plate, any leftover licence fees and RUC (road user charges) will be returned to you.

Turning in the plate is also advisable because if you leave it in the car when sending it for scrapping. The plate could end up in the wrong hands. Then, you can use your licence plate potentially against you in various ways.

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Can I still scrap my car if the keys get lost?

Somewhere in life, every one of us must forget something in our lives. It can be our mobile phones, our purses, or even our car keys. Forgetting keys anywhere is not a big problem when you contact Auckland Car Wreckers or any trusted car wrecking company. Since it was not that difficult when you lost your keys and decided that I must now scrap my car. There are certain terms that you should consider before you want to scrap your car but lose the keys.

Below are the questions that might irritate you if you lose your keys and want to scrap your cars.

Does losing my keys affect the price I get for my vehicle?

Losing your keys may affect the worth of your scrap automobile. This is a small quantity for several reasons.

Without functional keys, your vehicle’s doors will likely be locked. Limiting interior access and making it harder to move it onto the collecting truck and remove pieces. Thus, scrap car breakers may have to smash a glass to release the handbrake and tow the vehicle.

Additionally, limiting access to the fuel cap will require the breakers to cut the fuel hose to drain any residual fuel from the car’s tank. These extra steps take time and diminish the junk car price quote.

Will Auckland Car Wreckers accept my car without keys?

We will wreck your car even if you lose your vehicle registration papers (V5C). If you can verify you are the registered owner. The most important thing is to notify us beforehand. After everything is finalised. We’ll get you the Certificate of Destruction. So you can rest easy knowing the vehicle is no longer your responsibility.

Questions? Look Here.

It is not a big deal if you do not have a log book. We still accept your car for wrecking. But before that, you should make DVLA aware that you have decided to scrap your car and sell it.

No. Auckland Car Wreckers accept all kinds of cars, no matter what their condition. Whether your car got damaged due to an accident or got rusted. You can still contact us if you have decided that I have to scrap my car.

It is not a problem at all. You can contact us, and we can reach you if you reside in Auckland. You don’t have to worry if you are thinking that I am ready to scrap my car. Just contact us.